Hello!  I am an Australian crafter with a love of paper, beads, stamping, yarn and everything homemade and beautiful, and one of my resolutions for 2012 and onwards is to try to put my hobby to good use.

Earlier this year I sold some items that I made, and some made by my mum as well, and raised $156 for Animals Asia to help the moon bears.  I still have many items left to sell (shown on this website) and am continually crafting, so in future I will be selling craft through my etsy store, which I am still setting up.  The money will still go to charity, as I will be donating the sales from each item (minus shipping).  Donations will be done online, so that it is quick and easy for me to do and also so I will have a receipt that I can email to the purchaser – so they know that their money went to the right place.  This blog is where I will share items that I’ve made for fundraising, that my friends and family have made, and things that we have learned on our crafting journey.  I also have another blog inspired by my Grandma, that records my families passion for making things for the people we care about.  If you have an questions, ideas, feedback, or you would like to buy or request something, please contact me 🙂


5 thoughts on “About

  1. This is a really good initiative!! give me a heads up on what you will be show-casing if you do go ahead with the market stall.

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    • lol, yeah I don’t think I have posted anything on here since 2012 *sigh*. Everything on here, and loooots more, was sold to raise money for helping the moon bears through Animals Asia. Would love to do that again someday!!

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